Episode #46 - with Marianthi Lainas

Released: Thursday 13th September, 2018

We welcome Marianthi Lainas to the show this week. Marianthi is a fine art and landscape photographer who has exhibited  and displayed her work across the UK. She is known for her careful compositions, often based around the changing coast and tides, and now is building quite a following for her beautiful hand-made books which she produces in limited editions. Sam chats with Marianthi about her yearning for certain landscapes to suit her aesthetic, and getting underneath the skin of locations to understand them more deeply with a view to making more meaningful work.

To see more of Marianthi's work check out www.marianthilainas.com

A selection of Marianthi’s hand-made books…see more at www.marianthialainas.com

Also on the show we look back at the recent FotoFest event in Bath, and look forward to our next episode with experienced pro photographer Paul Gallagher.

Episode #45 - Karl Mortimer

Released: Friday 24th Aug, 2018

We catch up with Welsh photographer Karl Mortimer on this weeks episode. Karl is well respected for his carefully considered images. Many of you may have seen his work from Snowdonia on social media and in various magazines, and he talks to Sam about his motivations, his retrospections and his desire for order and balance in his compositions.

Please go and check out more about Karl via his website: www.karlmortimer.com and give him a follow on social media. 

 Image Credit: Karl Mortimer

Image Credit: Karl Mortimer

Also in this episode we discuss (briefly!) the new Nikon mirrorless arrivals to the market and Paul's new 'Calm through the Camera' project. We also look forward to FotoFest South which is taking place in Bath on Sunday, Sep 9th. This features 4 leading photographers giving talks about their work, plus a special trade display area this year as well. For more, check out www.fotofest.co.uk

We'll be back in 2-3 weeks time with our next guest Cheryl Hamer.

Episode #44 - FotoFest Q&A

Released: Friday 10th Aug, 2018

This episode features Mark Littlejohn, Charlie Waite, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson and Tom Way in a Q&A session live with Sam. Hosted at the recent FotoFest Central event in Nottingham, this is a great chance to hear from multiple top photographers on one stage. We cover various topics including the importance of photography as a medium and how it's progressing, along with the photographers own approach to shooting and approaching locations. We also take a few questions from the live audience.

We hope you enjoy this group chat and can take some inspiration from their words and advice. We'll be back in two weeks with the fantastic Karl Mortimer as our guest.

 Image Credit: Mark Littlejohn

Image Credit: Mark Littlejohn

 Image Credit: Morag Paterson

Image Credit: Morag Paterson

 Image Credit: Charlie Waite

Image Credit: Charlie Waite

Episode #43 - Benedict Brain

Released: Friday 27th July, 2018

This episode features Ben Brain, who was until very recently the editor of Digital Camera magazine. Ben has a long photographic back story which we get into during the show including his time at Art College, then working around the world as a pro shooter. This is a great chat with a photographer who has been active in many parts of photography. Ben now leads tours and workshops for Light & Land and is regularly called upon by bodies such as the Royal Photographic Society to act as a judge or mentor to upcoming photographers. 

Image Credit: Ben Brain

Also in this show, Sam and Paul reflect upon the 'Evolving Landscapes' exhibition that was recently held in London in which they both exhibited some work for Light & Land. We also look forward to our next show which will be a roundtable Q&A with Mark Littlejohn, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson, Tom Way and Charlie Waite recorded recently at the Fotospeed FotoFest Central event.

 Image Credit: Ben Brain

Image Credit: Ben Brain

'Evolving Landscapes' - Quick Look Video

Episode #42 - Charlie interviews Paul

Released: Thursday 5th July, 2018

On this weeks show we've flipped the tables on our co-host Paul Sanders and HE is being interviewed by the legendary Charlie Waite. Charlie sat down with Paul for a recording to compliment the release of the August 'Digital Camera' magazine which Charlie was the guest editor on. The magazine features some of Charlie's work and locations, plus it has a 10 page feature on our very own Paul and here on the podcast we've got the full audio from that interview.

Hopefully this is a nice way to get to know one of our hosts better with this in-depth interview. Paul talks about his motivations, some of his back-story as picture editor of The Times, his photographic fears and the power of creating solely for yourself. 

We'll be back in a couple of weeks time with the editor of Digital Camera magazine Ben Brain. In the meantime please do keep in touch on social media and let us know if you have any events, exhibitions, book launches etc coming up and we'll share them with the listeners.