Latest Episode - #65 Richard Young - NZ Landscape Photographer

Based in Wellington (NZ) Richard Young is a full-time landscape and wildlife photographer. Originally from the UK, Richard’s photography has been recognised in numerous competitions, including awards at The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, The Fine Art Photography Awards, The International Photography Awards. Richard also won the ‘Best Landscape Photograph’ at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition.

His works sell as fine art prints from his gallery in Wellington and have been widely exhibited across New Zealand, Canada, America and England in both solo and group exhibitions.

He has spent time hiking and climbing in some of New Zealand’s most remote and wild places, capturing photographs of awe-inspiring and unspoilt places. Richard has also travelled extensively, including across Africa, building a reputation as a fine wildlife photographer as well as adding to his landscape portfolio.

You can check out more of Richard’s work and his NZ based workshop company via:

Thanks as ever to WEX Photo Video & Fotospeed for supporting the show. We’ll be back in two weeks time when we broadcast the 2nd day of Q&A’s from the Connected Exhibition featuring our very own Sam Gregory, alongside fellow panel members John Blakemore and Prof Tim Allott.

#64 Tom Mason - Wildlife Photographer

In this episode we chat with wildlife & landscape photographer Tom Mason. Tom is passionate about the natural world and has carved out a career as a photographer & journalist specialising in wildlife. His work takes him around the world but he’s equally at home getting to know the wide range of species here in the UK.

IMAGE: Tom Mason (

IMAGE: Tom Mason (

We chat with Tom about his early beginnings living on a farm and discovering photography, through to the importance of respecting your subject and the natural world in general. He is driven by a desire to constantly improve and to push the boundaries of his own limitations. We cover some of the hot topics in wildlife photography including the ecological challenges of travelling and also some of the ethics with wildlife photography and the boundaries of responsible behaviour.

Many thanks as ever to WEX Photo Video & Fotospeed for supporting the show. We’ll be back in two weeks time when we catch up with New Zealand based landscape photographer Richard Young.

#63 Michael Kenna Exhibition at Bosham Gallery

In this episode Paul travels to the Bosham Gallery on the South Coast to chat with owner Luke Whitaker about their Michael Kenna ‘45 Year Retrospective’ exhibition. Michael Kenna (born 1953) is one of the most acclaimed landscape photographers of his generation. His photographs have been the subject of some 50 monographs and are held in the collections of over 100 museums worldwide.

Kenna does not seek to present an accurate copy of the world, but to extract something original and emotive from it. He prints all his own work in the darkroom, ensuring that the tonality of his small, black and white images is evocative rather than informative, interpretive rather than documentary.

Paul and Luke discuss some of Michael’s work, his process and how other photographers can be inspired by his consistency and aesthetic. Also, they discuss the reality of running a photographic gallery, what works and what doesn’t, along with how to finesse and create your own photographic style.

Exhibition Prints -Bosham Gallery

Exhibition Prints -Bosham Gallery

Six Gondolas, Giardini ex Reali, Venice, Italy 1980  by Michael Kenna © All Rights Reserved

Six Gondolas, Giardini ex Reali, Venice, Italy 1980 by Michael Kenna © All Rights Reserved

Michael Kenna & Luke Whitaker - Bosham Gallery ‘45 Year Retrospective’

Michael Kenna & Luke Whitaker - Bosham Gallery ‘45 Year Retrospective’

Kenna only photographs his work in black and white, as he believes 'black and white is immediately more mysterious because we see in colour all the time. It is quieter than colour.' He prefers to photograph on his own, in silence, creating a sense of calm, solitude and tranquillity in his photographs. As he states, 'I prefer suggestion over description. The world is pretty chaotic, seemingly always speeding up and getting louder and more visually dense. I am interested in finding and creating calm shelters from the storm, places where quiet and solitude is encouraged and inner contemplation possible. I think we could all use a break from time to time.'

Many thanks to WEX Photo Video and Fotospeed for supporting the show as always. We’ll be back in two weeks with a rising star in the Wildlife photography world, Tom Mason.

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