Episode #53 - Nick Danziger

Released: Thursday 17th January, 2018

We catch up with top documentary photographer Nick Danziger (www.nickdanziger.com) to take a look into his world of visual storytelling. Nick is a previous ‘World Press Photo’ 1st prize winner for his image of Tony Blair and George Bush just as the second Iraq war began. His travel books sold around the world in the 1980’s and 90’s and his subsequent photography has featured in major global publications. He has travelled extensively in war-zones and covered harrowing and touching personal stories of those affected by fighting, hunger, repression and much more.

Nick Danziger

Although our primary focus is normally on landscape and travel photography, there are plenty of crossover points that are relevant. The ability to use images to tell compelling stories is something that any genre of photography must strive for. We talk with Nick about what drives his passion for storytelling and some of the situations he’s been privileged to witness and document, and what challenges lie ahead for us all globally.

Image Copyright: Nick Danziger (From the book ‘The British’)

‘Broken fire hydrant, Parkhead. Three times the fire brigade capped the hydrant, three times the children book it open.’

The image above is shown in Nick’s book ‘The British’. During the creation of the book Nick travelled around the UK visiting areas of deprivation but also spending time with top military personnel, a judge, the prime minister and many more high ranking officials. The book demonstrates a powerful sense of our common humanity with stories and images from across the social spectrum.

Image Copyright: Nick Danziger (www.nickdanziger.com) DPRK

Image Copyright: Nick Danziger (www.nickdanziger.com) Mah Bibi - Afghanistan

The image above is of a young 10/11 year old girl (she didn’t know her own age) in Afghanistan called Mah Bibi. At this young age she had already become ‘Mother’ to her two younger siblings because their Father had disappeared and their Mother died in childbirth. She was helping her siblings flee drought and war when Nick first told her story as part of his ‘Women Facing War’ project.


Nick is currently releasing a new book called ‘Another Life’ which he is co-authoring with the writer Rory MacLean. This book will be a collection of remarkable true stories that will leave no one unmoved. Some of the women and children Nick and Rory followed have died through sickness and poverty. It covers multiple journeys to re-visit people and assess the impact of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The book is being crowdfunded and you can order advanced copies here.

We hope you enjoy this different perspective on photography, we welcome your feedback on the show via the contact form.

Episode #52 - Astrid McGechan

Released: Thursday 3rd January, 2018

Welcome back to our first podcast of 2019! First up this year is the wonderful Astrid McGechan (website). Following a career in the City, Astrid took up photography and talks to us about her transition from the early stages, through classic landscapes to her passion now for abstract and urban photography. Also her fears about shooting in urban spaces and how she has come to get over them.

Episode #51 - with Nick Livesey

Released: Tuesday, 18th December 2018

Our guest on this podcast is Snowdonia based mountain photographer Nick Livesey (nick livesey.co.uk). Nick has a great back-story of finding salvation in the mountains of Wales and speaks candidly about his thoughts on photography and life in general. His mountain work has gained many followers and his knowledge of the Snowdonia area is second to none. Sam caught up with Nick a couple of months ago to talk about his past, his present and future in this lively and entertaining chat.

Nick Livesey - Image Gallery

Nick has recently released a book with the publishers Fotovue. This amazing book features walks, images and mountain advice surrounding the Snowdonia Mountains in particular. Why not check out the book via the shop on Nicks website.

Nick Livesey NEW BOOK!

Nick Livesey NEW BOOK!

We’ll be back in 2019 with Astrid McGechan - in the meantime have a great Xmas and New Year and thanks as ever for listening! Sam & Paul

Connected Exhibition - Q&A Day 1

Released: Sunday 25th November, 2018


This is a special live Q&A recording from Day 1 of the Connected Exhibition Photography event in the Summer of 2018. This session features photographers Rob Knight, Paul Mitchell, Marianthi Lainas and the duo of Leeming & Paterson.

In this live session the panel take questions from the audience covering many of todays hot photographic topics such as; Social Media pressures, Single Images vs Series, Composition, Digital File Management and Photographic Legacy. It's a great chance to hear from these photographers on a wide range of issues.

Thanks to Rob Knight for hosting the Q&A in Sams absence. We will be back soon, hopefully with Day 2 of the Connected Event featuring Colin Bell, Chris Dale and Isabel Curdes. Also before Christmas we'll have an entertaining episode with Nick Livesey, a Snowdonia based mountain photographer.

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Episode #50 - Justin Minns

Released: Friday 16th Nov, 2018

Joining us on this special 50th edition of the podcast is Justin Minns. Justin is a professional photographer who delights in capturing the beauty and spirit of his native East Anglia. His skills have led him to feature in various publications and competitions, and he now also explores around the world leading workshops. 

Paul caught up with Justin in East Anglia and they discussed his relatively short photographic life and how it's consumed him accordingly. You can see more of his work via www.justinminns.co.uk

Image Credit: Justin Minns

The Togcast @ 50 - Listener Survey

Also on this show we ask our listeners to take part in a quick survey. This will help us shape the podcast over the coming months and years.

In the news section we also talk about some City Guides by Ben Brain, the first of which is about photographing in Bath. You can see more about this via www.brainsfotoguides.com

The other item in our news section is the exhibition of Neil Mansfield over in Wales. This is a 5 year body of work celebrating and exploring the Nedd Valley. Check out www.landscapesuncovered.com for more information including dates and the images.

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Episode #49 - Nigel Danson

Released: Thursday 1st Nov, 2018

This weeks guest is Pro Photographer and YouTuber Nigel Danson. Nigel has a long photographic history and his story is one of exploration and salvation in many ways. After building a successful tech company Nigel had a terrible accident that led him to re-assess his life goals and re-connect with his love of photography. We get into his back-story and also his new lease of life and the mysteries (or not) of YouTube and how it’s transformed his life from a photographic and professional point of view.

All Images: Nigel Danson

Also in this episode we discuss three new books from Alex Boyd, Norman McCloskey and Doug Chinnery - all of which are well worth your attention.

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