Video Playlists


Check out our image review screen videos. We catch up with top photographers and guests from the podcast and chat through some of their images in greater detail. We get into the compositions, the colours and tones and creative decisions made in the image making process.


In these videos we sit down with photographers (from all genres) and chat about their motivations, their careers, their images. We want to get behind the lens and learn more about these photographers, whatever genre or style they may shoot in. From landscape to street and beyond...


We all need it, and we all use it! These gear reviews are designed to be informative and impartial. Brands and manufacturers like to send us gear to test and we like to make sure we give you the best overview based on our experience. From bags and tripods to filters and cameras, we put it all through its paces. Check our our gear review videos below.

RENDER MY RAW - With Alex Nail

Top landscape photographer Alex Nail runs his monthly 'Render My Raw' challenge for us. He posts one of his un-edited RAW images for you to download then creates a video talking through the submissions. He covers general errors or issues in the editing processes and offers advice, then shows us his full workflow to edit each image.