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Latest Podcast - Episode #44

This episode features Mark Littlejohn, Charlie Waite, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson and Tom Way in a Q&A session live with Sam. Hosted at the recent FotoFest Central event in Nottingham, this is a great chance to hear from multiple top photographers on one stage. We cover various topics including the importance of photography as a medium and how it's progressing, along with the photographers own approach to shooting and approaching locations. We also take a few questions from the live audience.

Image Credit: Mark Littlejohn

We hope you enjoy this group chat and can take some inspiration from their words and advice. We'll be back in two weeks with the fantastic Karl Mortimer as our guest.

 Image Credit: Morag Paterson

Image Credit: Morag Paterson

Previous Episodes...

This episode features Ben Brain, who was until very recently the editor of Digital Camera magazine. Ben has a long photographic back story which we get into during the show including his time at Art College, then working around the world as a pro shooter. This is a great chat with a photographer who has been active in many parts of photography. Ben now leads tours and workshops for Light & Land and is regularly called upon by bodies such as the Royal Photographic Society to act as a judge or mentor to upcoming photographers. 

Also in this show, Sam and Paul reflect upon the 'Evolving Landscapes' exhibition that was recently held in London in which they both exhibited some work for Light & Land. We also look forward to our next show which will be a roundtable Q&A with Mark Littlejohn, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson, Tom Way and Charlie Waite recorded recently at the Fotospeed FotoFest Central event.

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Launched in September 2016 'The Togcast' began with a bi-monthly podcast focusing on Photography and Photographers, primarily outdoor and landscape but venturing further afield into travel and adventure. Now alongside the podcast we also create video content for photographers covering the creative and technical aspects of photography.

Led by Photographers Sam Gregory & Paul Sanders the Togcast aims to share a passion for photography across its community via interviews, videos, gear reviews, image reviews and more...