Launched in September 2016 'The Togcast' began with a bi-monthly podcast focusing on Photography and Photographers, primarily outdoor and landscape but venturing further afield into travel and adventure. Now alongside the podcast we also create video content for photographers covering the creative and technical aspects of photography.

Led by Photographers Sam Gregory & Paul Sanders the Togcast aims to share a passion for photography across its community via interviews, videos, gear reviews, image reviews and more...

Our Story

What started as just a wistful idea developed into a plan and then into action! After a few months of research, consideration, decisions and copious amounts of self doubt Sam pushed on with The Togcast idea and teamed up with Paul to get the ball rolling in 2016.

Wishing to present high quality, regular and consistent photography related content was the goal, engaging the photography community to both share, inspire and support.

Whether it be on a lonely drive in the mad hours of the day or when out scouting locations, or back at home on YouTube, The Togcast is here to engage and connect all photographers with this beautiful art form and community of like minded individuals.

About Sam:

Whilst my role in family holidays was always as camera operative from a young age it's only really since 2010 that I really started to embrace, explore and engage in photography more seriously. My interests are primarily in landscape, travel and documentary photography but I enjoy seeing great work across all genres of image making.

Like many others I have a 'day job' and although it involves elements of photography, design and videography, it does mean I have to create the necessary time in weekends, hi-days and holidays to indulge my true photography desires out in the landscape. I find a great release in exploring and traveling with my camera especially in quieter and more remote areas, and can truly say photography has changed the way I see, think and act.

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About Paul:

I have been a professional photographer since 1984, beginning my career as a fashion and advertising photographer. I moved into newspapers in 1991, starting at The Daventry Express before moving on to News Team International, a successful agency based in Birmingham. I was appointed Deputy Picture Editor of The Manchester Evening News in 1996, and two years later moved to Reuters, the international wire service.

I joined The Times in 2002 and became Picture Editor in 2004. In this prestigious role, I oversaw the entire visual look and feel of the paper, as it transitioned from broadsheet to the compact format. During this time, I was instrumental in developing the way images were delivered digitally to subscribers.

At the end of December 2011, I left The Times to pursue my love of landscape photography and launch an after school project for young children to develop their visual and creative awareness through photography. I enjoy sharing my work with others and have spent some wonderful evenings with camera clubs up and down the country. Equally, the joy of working alongside others in a workshop environment or one to one is always a pleasure.

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