Pro Tips on How to Cite Dissertation in Different Styles

Are you almost writing your dissertation paper? Well, such papers require maximum attention to ensure you include every detail required as you refer to the guidelines provided by the institute. Among the basics of writing such papers is dissertation citation. The citation involves giving the reader resources you used to gather information for your content related to the topic. There are different ways to cite a paper. But then, how do you ensure you become a pro in citing the paper in different ways?

Different dissertation citations and how to use the citations in your paper

Among the citation styles you will encounter include APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian. You can cite the paper with any of the following styles according to the professor’s preferences. That is why it is ideal that you understand all the styles to keep yourself on your toes whenever you are asked any of the styles. The following tips will simplify all your dissertation citation and enable you to perform well on your paper.

Understanding APA dissertation citation

What if you are tasked to use APA style in your citation? Well, you need to establish whether your dissertation is published or unpublished. Nonetheless, the information to include in an APA citation include

The author’s name, first and second initials of the author’s names, the year in brackets, dissertation title, publication number if you have, the institution, then the publisher.

Once you follow the described order, you have successfully cited using the APA dissertation citation.

Discuss with a teacher how to cite a dissertation APA

Your professor is the best resource to consider when it comes to academic matters. While they write the basic guidelines you need to follow, asking them questions related to APA dissertation citation is the real deal, as you will be sure of what you are doing when citing your paper.

The Chicago style dissertation citation

Another common citation style used in dissertation papers is the Chicago style. While all citation styles are equally relevant, when asked to use the Chicago style, use the following format:

First name, last name, the title, subtitle, level, institute’s name, and the year published.

Check how to cite a dissertation article available online

Sometimes, you can have a rough idea of how to cite your text generally. However, the best way to clear some doubts is by checking related materials available online. These articles will give you a clear guide on which information comes first.

How to cite a doctoral dissertation?

When you are a group of people handling a dissertation paper, the best way to grasp the concepts is by discussing the various dissertation citation. With fellow students, it becomes easy to master all the types of citation and put them into practice. You can even form a common narrative that will enable you to remember the exact formula when handling a Chicago style dissertation citation. 

How to cite a PhD dissertation?

While different dissertations have different requirements, note that to cite a PhD dissertation, you must follow the set-out rules by the tutors. That is why you must check related materials available in the library or online platforms for verification. Remember, experts and other pioneer students have handled similar assignments, and they have a better understanding of how to cite a doctoral dissertation, despite the required style.

What is MLA dissertation citation?

Another popular style of citing dissertations is the MLA style. Before the day for submitting the paper reaches, ensure you equip yourself with adequate knowledge on MLA citation. Using the MLA citation style is quite easy. You only need to include the following details:

The author, title, publication date, the institute’s name, and the description of the work. Although you may feel like you have a clear concept of citing using the MLA style, always ensure to confirm how to arrange even the finer details.

What a Turabian citation dissertation entails?

Sometimes, the term can challenge you, and you may feel like you are out of place. When asked to use a Turabian citation dissertation, you need to know the tutor wants you to use the Chicago style dissertation citation. The details included in the Chicago style above are the same details for the Turabian citation dissertation.


When it comes to dissertation papers, one essential element includes citing the sources to support your argument. As a student, it is essential to note the different forms of citation so that you be ready to use any that comes your way. The above tips will help you discover and implement any citation in your dissertation.

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